I escape Through My Creat...

I escape through my creative mind. By means of email, phone, whatever I can find. I escape by becoming someone else. No one needs to know that I'm bipolar and no one needs to know my history so I give them what they want to hear and it allows me to be someone that, in person, I'm not. I speak to so many people a day though work and each loves me. I'm what they need me to be. Professional, sexy, silly, whatever they need I become. Having a bad day I'll make you smile and be your ear. Married life not so great, call me and let's talk. Maybe you need to let loose or maybe it's a bit of fun that your missing. I can give you what you aren't getting and then you go home and it's all better.... becoming your muse if need be. I have a wonderful voice and adapt to every situation. Very creative writer... Maybe it's wrong to some but no regrets here because it's my escape from this bipolar world that is eating me alive. You get tired of the ups and downs and the pain and trouble and just want to get away... how do I escape, i become what you aren't.
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Yeah right! You and chocolate, we'd never get any then. Oh but I'm all up for the flashing! One of my fav passtimes! *giggles*

yes but not with US!!! *giggles* I could lick your face and we would flash everyone from the balcony and oh boy!

hey he's too cool for skool! *giggles* and when you aren't looking he'll take your shoes and run... you'd love the beach here Marji... IVFP and I get drinks by the pool and we go to GiGi's and make smores in the microwave!

OMG eerrr uuhh... Okay Gabi is a bug FREAK! Like she totally loves to catch 'em and love them and pet them and scare the crap out of her mom with them. The other day IVFP opened the front door to find her beautiful teen with giant florida grasshoppers all up and down her arms!<br />
<br />
I so love that kid!

HA! She can watch the five kids! BRUHAHAHA! Just watch little man with the duct tape... *giggles* Oh and Gabi will bring her little crabs

Dork dork and double dork!!!! <br />
<br />
oohhh maybe we should drag Marji to our beach... fireworks on the 4th are the best!

aawwww... thanks Mrs. Marji... <br />
<br />

The 4th lands on a Saturday... we need to make it a three day weekend!!!!!! <br />
<br />

LMAO! I just reread this story and OMG! It's from 2007 for goodness sake!<br />
<br />
and as for the condo.... And little miss forgetful, the last time you saw me was for lunch at Sonny's! DORK! The time before that was the beach *giggles*<br />
<br />
BTW, did you get a place for the 4th? Should I check into it?

thanks darlin'... I'm sorry for your loss

Hello, my son was bipolar. He was 28, and committed suicide last summer. I think it was the bipolar that pushed him over the edge. Life was very hard for him, and I am sure that it is hard for you. I wish when my son was alive, I would have taken the time to find out more about the disease. I always yelled at him to get over it, but now realize that it something that you can not control. I also wonder if I might have the same, I feel like I am always losing control of my life. One day I can feel happy, but it never last. When I feel good, it is great, but if I am down, I feel like I am in the depths of hell. Is this how you feel? I will never know how my son felt inside, but he must have been in alot of pain. I would give anything to talk to him now, but all of my chances are gone. He would try to talk to me about this, but I never seemed to have the time, to busy in my own life. Now I have nothing but time, and no one to talk to. If you need someone, I am here.

hi, i will pray for you...god loves you

Oh wow. That is how I have to live life. But I don't think I am bi-polar, other things? Yeah :-

That's a very innovative way of dealing with it. I don't know much about bipolar disorder and am not affected, but I have a similar amorphous quality. It's just that, instead of being what you want, I tend to give you what you want, no matter the cost to myself. I'm trying so hard to stop.<br />
<br />
I wish you the best of luck. My instincts say that this is a path to only ruin, but it may be your only way of coping, and I'm not going to stand in the way of that.