I Want to Get Away, I Wanna Fly Awaaaaaay, Yeaaaah, Yeaaaah, Yeaaah.


It feels like this sometimes, as though society is a big fraud and I’m just playing along. But that’s the minority in my populous of outlooks. Most of the time I am wholly contented with life, I appreciate the rut that society pressures us into, and I deal with it.

I think it helps to not go to emotional extremes, getting extremely happy about something will only make you all the more depressed when that thing loses its glimmer. Feeling extreme dread is just bad, especially in this universe. Perhaps it pays to feel dread if you are sure that a bad event is on your horizon, in that case you are getting motivation from the emotion. Otherwise it’s wasted feeling. Stress is an obvious one to avoid, stress less bro.

So yeah, I’d like to escape, but I’m very aware that I will not be any happier for the escape; instead I will have new goals and ambitions to strive for. So I’ll try and build myself a new life before I step into it, I’ll finish my book and make a name for myself. I’ll get comfortable and free. That will be my escape.

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1 Response Aug 17, 2007

But now with my new computer, I'm getting caught up in simulated people's lives...and forgetting my own.<br />
Sims 2 is addictive, to the point of temporarily sacrificing personal goals in exchange for getting that Sim child through university so he can get the top gamer job and have a legacy…or so he can be the most educated vampire…or so he can marry the socialite from my other family…or so he can open a mall and be the top business tycoon.<br />
Escapism galore!