Give Me Freedom Or Give Me a Shotgun

i need to escape and get away from this place if i don't i fear i will lose control. go on a shooting rampage...or so some say when they see me cringing from the unhappiness of it all. I NEED TO GET AWAY!!!!!!. i can't take all the stress it's too much for a weird kid to handle. people making fun calling me a witch and a b***h and some many accusations and rumors seeing all of them looking in the eyes as they ruin my life. it'stoo much i need to get out, i'm seriously considering dropping out when i get old enough.

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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

No fair Hobo!!! <br />
<br />
I wanted to live in the shack with you!! >(

You can come and live with me in my shack in the mountains! :P<BR><BR>(joking, people!)

After you finish school you will never see them again.<br />
Nothing anyone in school says really matters.<br />
I still know how you feel though, maybe. <br />
I've been like that at work too. It's best to leave jobs that are like that; but you need to stay in school until your grades are certain. <br />
Just don't go in for the last few days, to avoid getting beaten-up.

I was bullied in school. And it only bothered me because i knew they were right. I wasn't happy with myself.<br />
If you're happy with who you are, why are you letting people get to you?<br />
If you're unhappy with who you are, change it.<br />
while you've got the chance. show them that what they say isn't true.

Dear GHEC,<br />
You possibly are a very beautiful girl and you don't even know that. Girls envy girls like you and try to hurt while boys tend to make fun just to gather your interest on them. Just smile, never get angry, do what you do and care not what they do. <br />
They'll change in a short time.