Till I Feel Free

Sometimes...well most of the time I feel pretty much caged. I feel as though I can't do anything! Life has locked me in a closet, and threw away the key. My emotions, problems, and most of all...my mind, is the only key I need to open that door. But it seems as though everytime I try, I fall, I stumble, I lose my balance. Maybe it's because im not ready? But ready for what? Ready to finally feel released? Ready to enjoy feeling free? Or ready to escape? When that door to my happyness opens, Im gonna jump at the chance. I'm not looking to go to a spa, or the movies, skating, etc., etc. But what I need is to escape to my mind, breathe, rewind, and just relax. I need to travel to the moon and back. Maybe even Mars. Even just laying on the beach, enjoying the warm weather, staring into the sun, then dream heavenly dreams, as it watches me sleep. I need to escape from the problems the world causes, cause the people are the ones who suffer. We are the ones who has to face it, I will...later, right now I just need to escape....till I feel free.

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thanks guys, you really gave me alot to think about and over. Im gonna take your advice and do exactly that. Im gonna go deeper than what ive be looking for...the surface.

thanks guys, you really gave me alot to think about and over. Im gonna take your advice and do exactly that. Im gonna go deeper than what ive be looking for...the surface.

i really like what lawrajane had to say (comment, above). i would just add that you you have a rich and wonderful imagination--your story demonstrates this. have you considered writing? poetry, fiction, whatever you find you enjoy ... the kind of "journaling" suggested by lawrajane can be enormously helpful, both emotionally and to help you work through your problems and come to terms with youself. my suggestion would be to give primary emphasis to this--the "journaling," but for someone with such a rich and poetic imagination, you might find that writing out some of the poetic fantasies, dreams, etc. that go through your mind ... this could be enjoyable and rewarding. You could, i am sure, write some wonderful and uplifting pieces. there's a lot to be said for spending some quiet, peaceful time inside your own mind and imagination, especially for someone so creatively gifted. and don't try to force it--just let your imagination go where it wants, when it wants--no rules allowed--just relaxe and let the Muses speak through you. it probably won't have the benefits of the more intense self-reflection and analysis suggested above (although i would suggest a similar approach to that--don't force it, relaxe, let the thoughts and insights come to you, and, above all, don't get hyper-analytical about it--things will fall into place, but over time, and never completely--and some questions will not require answers--just don't treat the process like an exercise in formal logic or mathematics--life and the human mind are far too complex, with too many mysteries, too much chaos, to be reduced to even the most complex analytical patterns and structures. i speak from direct experience doing just that, with the expected result). but letting your imagination take you where it will--you may find this rewarding, and highly rewarding as you do more of it.

The only way to free yourself of all of this is to address the problem and try to figure out how you can solve it! It sounds to me like there are problems beneath the surface and they have all built up to make you feel trapped. <br />
if you can figure out what these are, if you can solve these problems. you'll see that the world really is a better place than you think. <br />
Set yourself some goals, you may not achieve them first off, but think positive. If you think negatively, you are going to keep falling. Negative thoughts bring you down, positive ones lift you. and once your spirit is lifted, you can do anything!<br />
just believe in yourself. take some time alone, go to the hills.. look at some views from high up. think about what you need to do. write down your feelings so it's there in black and white. think about what you can do to stop you feeling this way.