Shattered Darkness

These thoughts, opinions…like jagged streaks of lightning across a blackened sky.

For a brief moment, they light up the world, but only to show the shadows before plunging you back into the night. Back into your lonely world.

Life is dark. It isn’t always this way. No, sometimes there are moments when I am truly at the top of the world. Those times when I feel I can touch the sky. There is hope!

But still, night comes to every place on earth. And the sun disappears for nearly an eternity, while I am left alone, and sad. Crying in a forgotten corner.

This corner of my existence. It’s not what I want. It isn’t me! I want to break away from these chains, but first I must wait for the storm to pass. It’s too dangerous now, and…if I go out there I know I will just get hurt. That’s how it is.


I watch the sky, and wait for morning. Where are you? Why do you have to go so far away? You left me here. Broken and alone. I know you do, this…it always happens…. But tell me, Please tell me…why?


Another opinion is thrown my way. Shattering the midnight sky, its ominous message; a distant warning. “Warning of what?” I wonder. Of danger? Of beauty? Or is it simply another reminder, crashing through the atmosphere, illuminating the sky…is it just another reminder of how dark my world really is?


I have lived in the shadows, and I have run through the storm. I’ve even danced in the rain. But I have never been able to reach that place of complete sunlight and beauty. The land where it is spring always, and filled with hope. Light shining, golden through the green and blue. That captivating place where beginnings never end.

Where night never comes, and people never leave, and sadness is far, far away.

I’ve come close to finding the place, but I can never seem to reach it.

But I have discovered within me a longing that nothing here can satisfy. Maybe I am destined to live in darkness. Maybe I have to walk this lonely path through the forests… forever searching.


Maybe I’ll never know.

I know for certainty one thing though,

I was made for another world.

Finding perfection is too futile a task. I have no energy left, and can’t…see….on my own.  But I will trust God. No matter dark the sky.

These opinions that threaten to destroy, they have no power when faced with the light.



I will have faith that the destination still exists, no matter how lost I am.

I will have hope in the future, even though I can’t see it.

I will always believe in the sun, even when its gone from my life....

...Because it will return, spring will come back, and hope will forever shatter the darkness.


I will be free, and I will escape from the night! :D

stormynightsky stormynightsky
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15 Responses Jul 23, 2009

Its gorgeous thank you

i like the way u wrote this, just beautiful :)

Sometimes I can't see it at all. But I guess just because we can't see hope, doesnt mean that it isnt real.

Free flashlights???? Awesome!!!<br />
<br />
We'll shine light all over now, oh yeah......!!

With permission then, I am keeping this flashlight, it's a cool blue one!! I like it! <br />
<br />
Refunds huh?? OneAtast can give you a refund for it I think. :D

u can borrow but never return lol

Aw flashlights! Yay! Cool thanks for that!!! Can I keep it?? Or is it just to borrow?

Oh thanks OneAtLast, I just write these things when I'm feeling down, then gradually it starts to look up again. Writing helps, and I think maybe if someone else is feeling down then they can read it and find some encouragement too. Maybe. <br />
<br />
Hahahaha, Twister you are so cool, I did NOT see that one coming!! :D<br />
<br />
I guess I turned them out!!!! With some help of sad circumstances of course.

thats good, glad your feeling better :)

It's not dark today. :D

the world is a dark place. how do you feel now?

It's only when clouds block the light and I feel just, I don't know...lost and so far from God, from light, from everything good's like autumn in my soul. Everything seems dark. <br />
<br />
But honestly, when my perspective is right, life is great. :D

wow this is omg beauitfuil Stormy, i know how you feel i felt like this too.....hope you dont still feel this way though

Hi Stormynightsky.<br />
Thanks you for your comment.<br />
And thank you for writting a better Story!<br />

Really cool story!! Made me sad though :( I wish i could give you that paradise you deserve!! You really deserve it, let no one ever tell you otherwise, you deserve paradise and i hope you will get it one day!<br />