My Great Escape

I had already taken steps to get ready for it.. Dont know where I'm heading too but I do know what I am leaving behind. I took serious steps in ensuring I leave no traces. I closed my email account, my facebook, and changed my cell phone number.

Really cant stand my current dull routine of life. This escape allows something new and exicting. I watched Into the Wild, and that movie really realyl inspired me to do go out on an adventure. Live on my own, I am pretty much always alone, a complete opposite of what I once was. No friends left, love life destroy any sense of pride, confidence I had left in me.

My bags are packed, researched a lot of different sets of skills that I would need to survive on my own...

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2 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Good luck! I admire you that you have the courage to do the great escape of your life, to live all behind. hope you will find happiness on your long journey!

Good luck and all the best!<br />
<br />
And be sure to write about your experiences along the way!