I'm Walking My Way To Health....

I'm overweight,have high blood pressure and a bad back.I started doing a twenty minute walk three times a week,now I'm walking everyday I can.I do 45 minute walks now,up and down hills and walked from my house to town last week.It took 90 minutes.My back is getting better,I sleep better and I'm losing weight.I hope the extra walking will lower my blood pressure.

The best thing is that I want to go out and be active....I've gone from a size 18 to a size 12.

I feel great.
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12 Responses Jun 19, 2011

I'm still walking..I now walk at least 40 minutes a day...I have great stamina.I'm making sure I include hills,steps..everything.Walking is a wonderful way to explore your surroundings and discover new things and experiences.xx

Still feeling great, I hope so.

That's great well done

Good on ya Honey! Keep it up... xo

Good for you! I've been walking much more this year - having had little exercise, I had stayed slim due to being a smoker. Last sept I quit the smoking and gained a stone! The weight is slowly coming off but my walking mainly is at weekends. I go quite long walks out in the beautiful English countryside and it just makes me feel happier to be surrounded by nature. With the good weather we have had this last week, I have been out during the week on my long rambles. But like yourself, think I really need to be out just for 30 minutes each time during the week and then do the longer walks at weekend. It's a great way to get active (and I always take a camera for photo shoots!) :)

I don't have much money so I walk everywhere.Its an easy 40 minute walk to town so every day where its not raining heavily I walk.I'm lucky there is a good variety of walks and good access.I can walk in the hills,by the sea or around the city.<br />
<br />
I take lunch and drinks and listen to music.I make it all about enjoying my surroundings and fun.The exercise is a bonus.<br />
<br />
Aim to have a good time.xx

Thank you! Well my good time was the chatting I did with my girlfriend we just talked and talked never realizing how much walking we actually did...I miss that...but the encouragement helps thanks!

YAY for you! I was walking and I just can't seem to motivate back into it....I miss my best friend who used to walk with me...she moved out of state ugh....let me know how you motivate to get out there and just do it!

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Its a great way to keep away depression too.I love to see the spring flowers coming up,the birds.I love the smells and being in the weather.We all need to connect with the earth.It makes you feel like you are a much loved part of creation.

Walking is!, in my opinion thee! finest exercise there is (beside, swimming) and it is also free! I absolutely love walking, :D I take my dog with me for company and we walk miles, each and every day! It is great for keeping the weight at bay, general health and it also blows away the cobwebs and i find, "one feels so refreshed and happier" after a good walk! lol <br />
Thank you so much for sharing! such an interesting post, my darling friend! :D

Thanks Sunsetsong.Have a wonderful day !

Thanks sweetie.I hope other people will realise they can lose weight through walking too,and its nice to see the flowers,birds and trees too !