Wish I Could Just Stay Motivated!!!

I use to go to the gym everyday, twice a day - once in the morning and once in the evening for at least a couple of hours each session and that would be after a ran round the block a couple of times.

I so need to get back to that, i hardley do any exercise now. i don't go to the gym anymore cause i'm scared people will be looking at me. I know thats stupid and they probaly wont be. But i just don't like the thought of going there on my own and looking stupid. I'd rather do it at home on  my own. But then i'll go a couple weeks doing mad exercise thinking i'm genna get fit with all my exercise vids and i've even bought some equipment but then i'll suddenly stop and loose the motivation... and then maybe i start again... then stop... its like a mad circle! wish i could just stay motivated!!!!

krazykay krazykay
22-25, F
Mar 14, 2008