I'm 18,and Need To Be Able To Exercise Alot More...

I'm 18,210lbs and have spina bifida which makes it where it's sooo much harder to walk,run or even stand.I've just been constantly getting worse and worse i wish i could exercise more where i could lose weight.If anyone sees this and knows how to maybe help me,please feel free to contact me through my inbox on here and try to help,i'm in desperate need of help,thanks:)

EDIT: 07/08/12
Actually instead of contacting me on my private inbox can you instead just write a comment below please? My dad won't let me talk to anyone on my private messaging! Thanks! :)
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Go to beachbody dot com and look up a woman named Cammie Lusk. She had amazing results from one of the fitness programs and won their yearly contest. She has MS and her entire transformation was done from her wheelchair. Message me if you have any questions as I also provide free coaching and support for beachbody.

Ok,great i'll see about checkin it out! Thanks:)

Hmm, how bad is your spina bifida? Do you need a wheelchair? Because even if you do, you could still do arm exercises and things like that. Go to this video http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/amazing-transformations-pt-2 and skip to 0:42. It's the story of a woman who lost 300 pounds. At her peak weight she was about 450 lbs, and could hardly move, so she used the little device shown in the video to work out. You can use that with your arms and even your legs. I don't know if that's what you're looking for, I just thought it was a cool device and could help for people with mobility issues trying to lose weight. Best of luck!

Thanks and yes i do need a wheelchair,i can walk some but not much at all,my knees are bent like i'm sitting at all times when i'm standing/walking.I will check that out for sure! I have what's called spina bifida myelomeningocele,it usually leaves people with it paralyzed but i was lucky and was left being able to walk some,not much but i guess it's better than not at all! Anyways any amount of time i'm standing or walking i'm in severe leg pain,especially in my knees! I use wheelchair for long distances like to store or to car etc etc.Well anyways thanks and again i will check that video out when i can! :D Thanks and God bless and have a wonderful night!

Very welcome, I hope it helps! I don't know the name of the device the woman used, but it's in the video, so hopefully you'll be able to find something like that in a store near you. I wouldn't recommend using the device with your feet if walking gives you severe leg pain, but it should work fine with your arms. Wonderful night to you too and good luck with your weight loss : )

Ok,thanks for the info and comments! And thank you so much! :)