I Need Something That Works

I've gotten rid of my love handles! :D
Unfortunately, I still have a little bit of a belly. I want a flat gut! >:(
Besides being annoyed over my appearance, I worry about my heart. Eight years ago I could run a mile without getting winded. No chance of that now. I don't like that I can't do what I used to be able to do. If I take better care of myself now, I shouldn't have as many problems as I could have when I'm even older.
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2 Responses May 11, 2012

Tis OK - I'm not trying to sell you anything... or maybe I am. I suppose I'd like to sell (or table) the idea of enjoying yourself as you are. You said that you like looking at yourself in the mirror, but I think that you were only talking about your face. Why not enjoy all of you. Don't be so hard on yourself. Unless you are trying to be a world-class athlete, a soft tummy or the hint of a love handle is not going to threaten your health. You've probably read some of my stuff so know my take on all this, so I won't labour my point...

Even with a gut, I have an acceptable figure; I just like the way a flat stomach feels. Lol. No way I'd try for athletic. That doesn't suit my lifestyle or personality, so it would be miserable trying to keep that up. You'd suggested before that for yourself, you prefer not to gain more. I might have misunderstood though. :P
I think that what I like or appreciate in others' appearances are hard to appreciate in myself. I'm not sure if that's hypocritical or discredits any time I tell someone that they look good when they say they don't like their own appearance. The subject is more complicated than I ever gave it credit for.

You like the way a flat stomach feels on yourself - or on others? Or do you not make a distinction? I prefer a flat stomach for myself (and for other men), but think it looks a bit stark on a woman. Your enigmatic line in the middle (about measuring yourself by different standards) implies that you think the same way - i.e. that you like to be lean yourself, but don't necessarily appreciate the same in others... or are you indeed lying to them? Do you like other women to be lean or to have soft curves? And does it make any difference to your attraction towards them?

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