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I hate going to curves or other women's clubs. I am bi but when I'm working out I'd rather be around men. When I was a little girl my daddy would take me to the Y with him, but now that I'm older they wont let me work out there. It is where I learned to swim and so much more. Need a men's gym that will allow a lady to join
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I try to make myself go everyday even if it is to just run in the park but it's hard after working with kids all day and then to come home, workout, and make dinner. Once I am actually running I feel better but for some reason every day I seem to forget that feeling and want I be lazy instead lol.

Hello search around your town for a 24 hr gym that gives you a code to get in at any time night or day then grab a friend and do your own thing!

I second this response.

Good luck!

Yeah, it's better to prevent instead to cure..

Which Y are you looking to join?

Gold's Gym is co-ed, with a good mix of girls.

All the Ys I been to are unisex. Except the locker rooms:)

Women make up 47% of the Membership at my YMCA. There wouldn't be any point in going if they weren't there.

You are probably affected by the smell of male sweat, whether you realize it or not.

I wish you the best in finding the gym that you can enjoy.

The YMCA's around here are co-ed - are you sure you're asking the right person? I used to belong to the Y simply because they were open late and I worked late a lot of times. But there's lots of options - Curves has never been my cup of tea either - without limiting yourself to the Y. Most places even have a trial membership so you can check it out without signing up for a year's membership and never using it. 24 Hour Fitness, Coop's Gym - I don't know your region but I did a search on best gyms in America and there were some wonderful ones listed (wish I lived closer to some of them). I think you're focused on the Y because of the warm memories of being with your father but until that one comes into the 21st century, there are lots of alternatives.

I really don't want a "coed" gym, to much drama.

Since you're a female but only want to work out with men, it's going to have to be co-ed to meet your qualifications - that's the definition of co-ed....

Don't know where you live but many municipal gymns are coed

They combined our men's and women's Y's in my area. They also have youth, adult, and family changing areas.

I didn't know the YMCA didn't allow women. You can try Bally's. They cater to a mixed crowd.