My family makes fun of me all the time for doing yoga but it's like I just wanna be healthier y'all can F off
okjackie okjackie
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yoga is amazing for toning your body. I recommend jillian michael's yoga meltdown

You go gal! Half hour of meditation, and an hour of walking/jogging in a green place (like a forest) is good for the soul, too. Families can often be one of the biggest downers we have holding us back.

You should ignore them, one day they will all come to learn form you :)

Troubled and traumatized girl is that.

Yoga is amazing for strength and fitness and a healthy mind x

I do some yoga myself. Mostly to help me avoid injuries from running. Gotta say, I've yet to see an unhealthy looking yogi!

Ain't that the truth!

Stick to your guns girl!