My fiancé and I just had a beautiful little girl, four months old in one day! Before I got pregnant, I weighed 119lbs. Unfortunately at the time I still felt huge. When I went into the hospital to be induced I weight 187lbs. While in the hospital I lost the water weight and the weight of a 8 pound 9 ounce baby and all of the fluid she was in ( not to mention that enormous placenta ). Anywho I weighed 159lbs when I left the hospital. I'm at 149lbs now. Other than the weight during pregnancy, I'm as heavy as I've ever been. It's depressing looking at this body that I am in now. I wore a size 0-2 before pregnancy, I can't even pull those pants up over my thighs now. As horrible as it may sound to some, I miss my thigh gap, and my back without love handles. I feel trapped inside this ugly, sickening body. I don't let my fiancé see me without a shirt on, and if he does walk in while I'm changing I get angry at him. Angry that he has seen this body unclothed. I feel angry at myself for looking this way. How bad I want to just not eat ever again. I want my stomach to be flat, and my thighs not rubbing together. I want my arms to look the way they did. I am a lazy person, I won't work out because it's to hard. Sounds pathetic right? I make a small effort and then give up. I give up because to me, it's not going to work. I can't achieve something like that. I make excuses for not exercising. I grow to hate my body more and more each day but that is still not enough motivation to do it. HELP
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Make a timer everyday and set the exact time u wanna do exercises. Eat salad and just a little bit of meat daily to balance up. Don't eat too much during dinner, eat about 50%or 75% full during lunch and eat full at breakfast. Beside eating salad, drink fresh vegetable smoothy or eat fruits to get Victim ins and the nutrients u needed. Still do more of the hard core exercises, just take 7 minutes spare time to do it each day and you'll be as skinny as before and even healthier. If u need more help or information feel free to message. :)