I am on a diet and I have lost 0.2 kg 😄😄😄 I think I will lose weight in 10 years
goodwillhunting goodwillhunting
26-30, F
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LOL I feel you!!! Same here!!! Hahahah. All the best though! :D

Now 0.6 kg lol one day We will be skinny. By one day I mean after 20 years haha

Well don't put much attention in the kg but in your cloth!! That's what I do!! :)<3 <3

I'd trade with you if I could.

Why? Are you trying to gain weight? :D

No I just went through a break up and went from 250+ last year to 173+ know. I'm 6"2 and trying to keep healthy. I feel great but will see a doctor to make sure everything is ok.

Oh I am so sorry.

It's totally ok. Thank you for the concern though hun.

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wooo hoooo :D

Lol 15 kg more to go

10 years so do it :D

Hahaha might take longer