Everytime I try, I'll keep my workouts consistent for like, a week at most, then I'll stop. I NEED A PERSONAL TRAINER UGH
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I need to find someone that would walk with me

I totally would I love walking

I'm in pa are you close

I'm in pa

I'm in MA lol

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what i did was to do a commitment and a plan to do excercise and a ling term goal. I ve started with some workout at home (i do not believe in gyms) and ensured to do 30 min routine (T25 in my case) and it works for me. After a couple of months you create the habit

Me too but it's mostly for trying to gain muscle. I just set days for doing cardio and I go those days

I want to lose weight and not be so lazy haha I wouldn't like myself all buff LOL

It's better to go early in the morning so u can get some energy. I usually go between or after classes

I was thinking about going late at night, so I can have a hot shower to relax my muscles, then sleep right after.

Yeah but the latter u go the more like it is for u to say "forget it I'll do it tomorrow"

Ooooh that makes more sense now! Lol unfortunately due to my lazy lifestyle, I have to like, get used to waking up early.

I know I hate waking up early but it helps get stuff done and I've heard the people that wake up earlier are more productive. Maybe try waking up early once and twice a week to go to the gym to see what it feels like.

Ugh I hate the gym. I watch those cheap work out videos

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