After a long break from the gym, I've decided to start working out again. I've gotten so unfit that I almost feel like giving up but I'll work my way back to where I was before.
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get back to where you were and then take the next step. post us your progress.

I'm 65. I have always valued physical fitness, even though I'm stuck in a wheelchair. I have a small garden. Caring for it keeps me fit.

I am starting back too.

That's great :)

its like the coffee, start slow and you will get there!

Haha, it's definitely like that. My friends find it amusing that I'm so unfit for someone my size. I'll get there though...hopefully.

hugs-n-kisses! chose your exercises carefully and keep on keeping after it! be gentle with yourself!

Will do :)

good girl!

I hear you .... I have been off since August and finally committed to going back! My body has revealed how desperately I need it as I stare @ my oversized girl junk trunk 😄

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