Just Need to Do It

I used to love to run. Sometimes I still go for a jog, although my doctors would have a fit if they found out.

I shattered my knees when i was 14 because I had a bone disease that was never diagnosed (despite 5 years of complaints)

I move all the time, I never sit down at work, in fact. I wore a pedometer to school and discovered that I walked 8 miles that day - just not all at once - it was a LONG walk from the car to my classroom, I walk the halls during the passing periods, moving the kids, running up and down the halls to make copies, clearning the halls on my conference periods, etc. But that is not real exercise.

We have an elliptical machine here at home, but I am so tired from being on my feet all day every day that I rarely use it. When I do, I love it, because it is low impact enough not to really hurt my knees anymore.

I wish I could lift weights and such, and I have a gym membership, I am just always so tired. The stupid part of that statement is that if I exercised more, I wouldn't be so tired all the time - in theory.
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I just got a notification for this yet I never responded or anything lol


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Maybe look into trying yoga or pilates?

This is only a Thought here, BUT...I am noticing several people posting that they need to excercise more. I KNOW I do, for sure. WHAT IF, those of us wanting and needing the motivation to excercise, met here each day. Kind of got a little group going of sorts. Say some of us just start out walking. Then we report in, whether we actually DID any excercising at all each day. I found that a good healthy dose of common goals and competion (sorry I can not spell worth a dang today) might be the thing to get some of us going, instead of just talking about it and still sitting in front of our computers or TV's or what ever we do. Just a thought anyway. I will try IF someone will try with me!!!!

i don't know where you live, but you should try an Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class. It is often taught by Feldenkreis instructors. Google it. This you could do. It is used by everybody really but many many people going through a rehabilitative process. Good luck!

I loved it, its easy on my knees and almost gives me the old endorphin rush i used to get from running.... but until i get better from my car accident, i can't do anything

Theory sucks sometimes, doesn't it? I personally hate the elliptical... I want to throw it out the damn window. But I am trying... I really am. I went to the gym last night - I felt like I was going to die. But once I'd made it home, had a cool shower and unwound a bit, I felt so much better. It's nice to know there are others in the same boat!

We have an elliptical, but for some reason my parents moved it and started using it as a clothes hanging device.

Back when I had a gym membership, I loved the ellipticals. Now, I do running and walking, but I still wish I could get my feet on an elliptical now and then.

I need to rebuild the muscles right above my knees before I can do that much. Somehow, after my surgery, those were the ones that suffered the most and are the hardest to work for me. I can't cycle for long without those just being on fire. I do like riding my bike though.

I read that as above my eye. I need to work on all my muscles below my eyes

Start cycling. It's low impact and fun. Gives you great legs. Plus it has the advantage that you look stylish in all the kit. Unlike runners who look like starving ethiopians.