Gonna get in better shape, but this is my body at the moment. I want to tone up though, cause tbh I'm a little jiggly. And I want to feel better about myself & know that my body is happy and healthy.
Which also means I need to stop eating rubbish!
Gonna have a 'nap' until 5. Off to the gym at 6 to do Piyo and Kettlercize I'll 8.
Motivation is what I need & a strong mind set. Wish me look because I'll be crying in a tomorrow about my body aching haha.
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Try this link totallifechanges.com/5640931 it changed my life and it can change yours

Looking great already. Stay motivated!!


Selfie game strong..

Feeling better about yourself I understand but I think you look stunning as is! X

Yeah you need to exercise. Looks like the bed is about to collapse.... (He said sarcastically)

Haha, I just wanna tone :)

Losing weight has a lot more to do with diet than working out. 80% of weight lose is related to diet. Cut out simple carbs such as breads, pastas, root veggies, ALL sweets etc...

I don't want to lose weight as I'm the correct weight for my height and age. I only want to tone. But thank you.

Ohh okay I see. Then working out is the way to go ☺️☺️ good luck girlyy

Thanks :)

But your *** is on point! Damn girl

Damnnnn girl

All u need is a little muscle do not get skinny!!

A little jiggly is the best. If guys want a toned muscley body on their partner they would date dudes. Why do women have difficulty understanding that

I never said I wanted to tone to look like a man. I never even said I wanted to do this to please a man!
Why do men have difficulty understand that what is female do is not for you it's for ourselves! Our world doesn't evolve around you men.

I can do whatever I like. I never post revealing photos but when I do, that does not mean I'm doing it for a man. I'm exercising cause I want to. & I'll do whatever the hell I want to. If I want to show my body how it is now & then after I will.

Yes is your opinion fine. but my opinion is that you're a bitter, lonely, women. Just saying.


Chill and Exercise. You'll be in Shape in No Time.
Which is what i did and had some awesome time doing it! Good Luck!

Your figure is already slim and beautiful there isn't much to lose I think your perfect as you are

i think youre pretty damn hot the way you are, but go for your dreams none the less, if ever you wanna chat about exercising im normally here 24 7 haha

I'm about to start training to run another marathon. Care to join me? (:

I'm not a fan of running! But once in abit more fitter and I can hack it, sure haha

I love running. I can do it whenever and wherever I am. And I can do it without a gym full of people staring at me :s

I'm doing group classes of piyo & kettlercize

I tried to do p90x at home a few times. Each time I got like 30 days in and quit :s

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Well, good luck girl , some mega dose of c-vitamin prior to your workout may help you with recovering. Also B- vitamins and two types of iron will definitely help with aching.