In the last 3 months I've shed 10kilos. I did it by hitting the road and running five kilometers at least 3 times a week. Recently I joined the gym and I have now changed my exercise routine to 70minute cardio sessions 5 times a week complimented by a 10km run 2 times a week. I've changed my diet too. No more soda or juice - just water soaked in sliced lemons. I don't take sugar in tea or coffee anymore and I've cut down on unhealthy carbs. No more junk food on weekdays - I have a cheat day on Sat or Sun to lee the cravings at bay. I'm still overweight but I'm proud of my progress and I'm looking forward to reaching a healthy weight.

Today someone told me that I look like I've gained weight despite my gym activities. I looked them Inge face be told them that the scale says different.*facepalm*

I hate it when people are mean and passive aggressive.
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Hi I exercise in swimming and love it and u can lose weight and tone . Can I ask try that ??

Hey. I'm not sure if you mean to say that I should try swimming or if you would like to try some of the exercises that I have done. Please clarify...

nice job....I'm proud of you!

I need to lose 25-30 lbs and cannot motivate myself to exercise. I HATE to exercise.

go steady, sleep an deat enough. dont push yourself too much. be patient. less but everyday is a good rule.

You have taken a path kinda like mine, only I have not done exercise, just the daily chores and fixit projects, and I have lost 70 lbs.

Yippee!! Thumbs up 👍

Thank you all for your encouragement. I've kept my journey offline because I want to do a big reveal when I reach my goal weight. This means only my immediate family knows that I'm on a weight loss journey. There's nothing about it on any of my social media platforms. It's wonderful to have the support of like minded people like yourselves. 😘

wonderful... cheers laughingtiger lady...
I am running behind you :)

Congratulations on your weight-loss. Don't pay attention to people who are not positive. 10 kg's in three months is amazing and it's a steady healthy amount of weight to lose in that time so I'm sure you'll be able to keep it off and to keep going.