Just finished working out for the first time in over a month. Felt so damn good. I was all sweaty. 32 minutes of straight cardio. I need to make myself get motivated to exercise at least 3x a week.
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Well done!!! X

Thanks to your post and a suggestion from a friend earlier today, I did about 18 minutes of cardio and sweet jesus, I'm worn out! But I'm gonna do more tomorrow!

Yay. Good job. I did 32 minutes. I was sweating like a beast. Then I hoped in the bath for an hour and steamed myself. Still sweating. 😅

Jeez lady, you need to get some liquids in you! Don't need you passing out before getting another response.

I drunk a liter of water. I was so thirsty.

Nice going! It's great to hear when someone overcomes the inertia of standing still to get back into physical conditioning. And as soon as it becomes regular within a week the hard part is done and what was pain and discomfort becomes soothing and empowering. You've got a fan!

Yay. Thank you. My mom thinks I will stop after today. I usually do. But it's good to be encouraged

Be a rebel, and employ your (possibly latent) passive aggressive talents. Prove her wrong!!

I feel like I can get my way with just my words. I am a Gemini. We are excellent communicators. Though in situations like in class I tend to hold my Tongue bc if I start on something that I'm passionate about I may keep on until I prove my point or everyone else is upset. Not sure if it's a good thing and I should start saying what I think more or keep my mouth shout

That's true but in this case she thinks you won't continue so no talking is required, only action. Yes keeping quiet and speaking with doing is the way to win this one! 😊

And when someone says I can't do something I like to prove them wrong. God I'm so stubborn sometimes. Like my dad

We dads are like that...

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