Today I exercised after months of not exercising. I did 16 minutes of Yoga with the Wii. Not much, but it's a start.
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We all have to start somewhere. Easy does it. You don't want to be in so much pain the next day that you don't want to do anything at all.

But it sounds like you know that. So, good for you! I need to exercise more myself.

And if you do it two days in a row,it is better than a start. 3 days and you may be forming a habit. Miss a day, no worries, start again. Come on beautiful, give yourself a break from needing to be perfect and let yourself have the freedoms you would allow anyone else:)

Start out slow, don't over do in the beginning. You could hurt yourself.

I am starting out slow. Yesterday 16 minutes of Yoga, today 24 minutes of Yoga and Pilates. That's really not all that strenuous. Over time I plan to add some aerobic exercise as well, but probably not this week.

That's good. My line of work requires alot of heavy lifting so, I don't need more exercise lol!

Hell yeah!

Check out Blogilates! It's a work out blog that plans your work out sessions for you. It's free and very inspirational. Hope it helps!

Got to start somewhere. Keep going. xoxo

Does yoga help you lose weight?

I doubt it. It is mostly stretching and balance. It helps with mindfulness, improved body image, better mind body coordination, breathing.

Once I start exercising more I will throw in some aerobic exercise too.

Whatever you do, it's more than you were previously doing, so well done. The Wii is a great tool for getting fit; you tend to be having so much fun that you don't realise you're exercising.

Good for you. At least you started.

Well begun is half done.

right on :)

Good for you !
In six more moths you will be able to do one hour of yoga :D
Baby steps does it every time (for me ;) !

*months* :)

It will be less than six months, last time it was less than that. Oh an this time unlike last time I am not starting at "this is so awkward" so I bet I will make good progress if I just keep it up.

Your friends here, cheering for Your efforts.

That is a good start, and you'll feel better the more you do it. You'll be able to go longer as well. I need to get back on my bike again.... after a few weeks already of not riding. haha, ugh! I ride for about 5 or 6 minutes, and I'll try to keep up the pace.