for every heart i get ill do 5 sit-ups and for every comment ill do 10
raptordelta raptordelta
18-21, M
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keep getting healthy :)

What a cool idea!

i did the 310 from yesterday


You can do it

be carful not to over do it


Comment 💪🏼

Perfect. I need to be doing this too !

Go for it!

That's another 15 from me! Good luck 👍🏻

Good luck lol

Harden those muscles up

That's another 15.

Wait is it for every heart and comment on this post?

Dooooo Ittt!!!

Would this count as 15? :)) enjoy!!

go u

That could add up. I need to exercise more as well.

Go for it

If I heart my own comment more?

no sorry
but you can have your friends heart it
and reply

That's hardly a workout then

LOL, but if I heart and comment on Vera's comment....

Make him sweat lol


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