Hey so I'm 12 and I weigh like 115 pounds my family calls me fat and well I call me fat. I have no motivation to exercise or basically anything but Netflix. Anyway I need someone to be like my exercise buddy. I want to feel fit and healthy. I just need someone who will help me reach my goal and hoping that they will ready their goal too!
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How tall?

Remember it's how you feel about yourself. Find healthy food you like. Find a way to get outside or exercising. I hop on a treadmill with Netflix on my phone going

yeah well... i called myself fat at 115 lbs too... now look at me.. i'm 130 lbs O.o

Pretty terrible that your family calls you that. "Motivation is fleeting but discipline is forever" is a phrase that helps me when I don't want to work out. After the first week or so of doing it consistently even when you don't want to, it becomes so much easier to go because it turns into a routine that your body gets accustomed to.

Hmm i wish you strength.. cos your family and anyone else who call you fat like that are NOT helpful.. all that will do is ruin your self esteem so you dont value yourself and find it even harder to do something.. fwiw i think that being overweight isnt the big problem people seem to make out.. as long as you try to eat healthily most of the time and dont let it stop you getting out then it's not so terrible..