I will go to the gym tonight. I will.
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So, did you go?!

I made it. So can you!

No you won't.

Yes I will I'm bored and lonely

I wasn't expecting this reply from you Lebra, I was expecting a response from the author.

Ok lol

You hit that gym & you hit it hard!

Thank you I'm gonna need that motivation after work in 3 hours

I'll be asleep in 3 hours when you're in the gym, it's 4am here in the U.K. & for gods sake I should already be asleep.

Lol regardless thank for the motivation

I made it to the gym. Told you I would.


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I've been saying this all day! I got off work at 11 pm I have to make myself go

My dinner today was simple steamed spinach and grilled breast chicken!!! Perfect after work out...
Good luck.

I need new motivation for this too

It feels good to be able to just eat and watch movies at home... but exercise? tomorrow...

my struggle

...but those leftover Christmas chocs really do need finishing off...