So you feel bad, about YOURSELF, because of something YOU DID NOT DO.
Girl, you need to think that over again.
Others may make you feel bad, BUT ABOUT THEM, NOT YOURSELF.

No one likes to be mistreated, god knows i've been bullied a lot thru elementary and high school, and it made me feel bad almost every time (until I learnt how to deal with bullying), BUT NEVER about myself.

It's been years since the last time I went to a GYM (almost two, and it shows).
The worst thing about GYMS is that no matter how many different machines there are or how many tvs, music etc you can have there, THEY ARE BORING, unless you share that time with other people, and it is not easy because people starts and quits.
But lets face it, it is good to exercise and it feels great when it's finished.

So, you should gather every bit of willpower inside you and get on your feet once again!
alexanaarg alexanaarg
41-45, M
Dec 28, 2015