I wish I could look like I did ten years ago; I remember being confident, feeling healthy, and being happier. I wish my husband could have a girl with a beautiful body, and shouldn't I be that girl? I feel like I've failed him; he says he doesn't mind, he says I'm still beautiful but his actions don't reflect it. Should I be responsible, as a wife, for maintaining a fit body (I'm not obese and just a bit overweight, but my body looks so much worse than the number)? Or, should my husband accept it?
P.S. Am I just being irrational and paranoid? I have the hardest time trying to read my husband...
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9 Responses Jan 29, 2016

Well from what I can tell and I may not be an expert you look amazing. :) nice to have a wife who wants to be at her best for her man

Could you eat less and healthier?

Guys are very visual. They are also attracted to confidence. Either feel good about your body as Is, or make the changes to feel great about your body. I just lost ten pounds, and it's not even that much weight, but I just feel better. Good luck with acceptance or change.

You should maintain a fit body for yourself, not for anyone else. You say that you used to feel confident and happier with your body ten years ago. Our bodies change over time, so you may not ever have the same body as back then, but you can strive for the best body you can have now. That doesn't necessarily mean losing weight. Oftentimes, simply exercising on a regular basis makes a huge difference in how we feel about ourselves.

How much do you weigh?

I would be there for you. You are beautiful what ever you look like. You are not overweight baby girl. Trust me. You are beautiful. You should not have to prove yourself to anyone. I would be there for you

He loves you anyway no matter what but that is very thoughtful of you to want to get in shape fo he loves you anyway no matter what but that is very thoughtful of you to want to get in shape

Me too everything is better when I exercise

Your husband should love you no matter what. My wife has gotten bigger and I still love her and am very attracted to her