My gym days are LONG gone; they're running over a grassy hill that's bellowing underneath a sweaty sun. I used to love exercising, walking out from the gym tired and sore but feeling great about myself. The first time you work out is the reason you go back, you feel so good about yourself and your body and that burn in your muscles. And I would really LOVE to get back into it. Not even to get "skinny", but to be healthy and get to a happy place in my body positive journey. Got any tips to cure my big girl blues?
bruhbruhbeans bruhbruhbeans
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 17, 2016

Maybe you got sum friend who'd like to join you and feels the same way just struggling with aint bad..or if not so start slow remember the satisfaction you had&what you had most fun exercising with then you'll get into that push-yourself zone again..aint a girl but went through too