I don't think more than normal exercise is what I need. I have a huge bed where I do all my stomach, arms, and chest routines. And a fitness flyer machine for the rest of it.

But the one part of the body most of us never exercise is the face and neck. I found that if you do the results are far better than an expensive face lift.
Your face has muscles too. If you gently massage the eye area from the inside of nose (right at the tear duct area) up to and around the eyebrows and back to the tear duct area you can strengthen that area enough to win back 5, 10, 15 years of your youthful looks. And you can start this at almost any age and win. *****Remember the skin around the eyes is very tender...massage round the lower socket area only*****
Never pull from the inside corner of your eyes to the outer areas. You tell the muscles it is alright to sag. Why? You are pulling the wrong way under the eye area. We all do it. Please stop.
The same with your neck muscles too! Bend your head back forth and to the sides in an up and down motion. Then try circular motions as much as you can. Repetition is the key with facial workouts.
You will see it in your own face within a few weeks. I have kept age at bay in my face for a very long time with these exercises and I hope you can too!!

Hugs and Good Life to You All, LW
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51-55, F
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There is something to face exercises. Jack Lelane used them all the time and he looked way younger then he was.