So its seems easy enough but really isnt. If you are attracted to someone and you are getting along and have things in common, then whats the problem!!
You cant love if you dont open your heart, even if just a little at a time. Hey I am not bad looking and am in pretty good shape, so whats the problem? You know if you cant trust do you expect someone to trust you. Its really not that hard. Just be smart about it and be honest. So someone tell me when these women are gonna get a grip. because if you cant open up you will only get someone that will use this or will be ALONE. Me I wont be alone Im keep moving and searching so long as my heart is open It will find me Im sure of this.
wodman1 wodman1
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1 Response Jul 18, 2010

LOL I know, I see and am pushing on have too. Did I mention I love all of you guys, and you too.