True Love?

What are the characteristics of true love? Is it a feeling or a chain of events that lead to true love or is it automatic? How do you know if your just infatuated or you truly love this person? Is their really any such thing as true love?

A friend of mine answered this question with five simple words, "you would DIE for them". My automatic reaction was, "in a heartbeat". But I was not questioning my love, but his. So I thought of a way to put this theory in action. One night we were sitting on the couch watching TV and relaxing. I told him I had a hypothetical question for him. "Say we are walking down the street and we hear a loud screech and notice a car is speeding right towards us. What would you do?" In normal fashion he makes sure he heard me correctly and repeats, "we are walking down the street and a car is heading towards us?" I nod in agreement. "I would jump out of the way", he replies. Jump out of the way... the words echo in my head and I'm not really that surprised but my heart sinks to my stomach none the less. He has a history of self preservation in difficult times. I knew if I had rephrased the question and substituted me for one of our children his answer would change dramatically. But why does he not give that same regard for me? I know many of you would think I'm over analyzing but as usual my perception comes from a series of events over a good bit of time. Besides, I phrased the question with more "we" and "us" than "you" to try and give him a edge. I wanted to know what his instincts would be. I wanted a natural organic reaction. I'm sure if I told him why I wanted to really know then he would lie and say what he thinks I want to hear and I suppose I should be satisfied with that but I'm not. I left my last relationship not only because he was a **** but because I wanted passion which ended very shortly after we started dating. Is there really any passion anymore? Does anyone still experience that or am I doomed to cheap sleazy romantic books for women for the rest of my life....
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Did you find the answer and are you still with him?