Most Wanted Gal

I am so glad to acquainted myself. Maybe this acquaintance will be the future I so much desired. Do you want to know more about me? And I hope your answer here is “yes”.

Well, I will tell you about myself and about my future and this special lady I have designed and like to see it come to pass some day soon.

My lady will be this beautiful and the most loved lady. I want my future lady to love me so much, because the word ‘’love’’ in our life is a very important word for a every day guy.

Love doesn't know no rules and religion or culture. A lot of men value only beauty in their soul mates, but what is beauty? The beauty of body fades with time, but real LOVE depends on confidence, feeling, and loyalty.
Love is a beautiful feeling that makes you happy and above all wanted.

Everyone has his meaning for this wonderful feeling, Love is something that you can’t live without. No matter what culture you belong means the same.

Don't you think the same way as I do? Well, I want the perfect girl! I know there are no perfect women in the world, but I will be ready to accept my lady as she is and never will try to change her.

She must be successful in her life and be powerful like WONDER WOMEN. She has to be a lady who walks with confidence and is strikingly graceful, A lady who is sure of what she wants and will not stop walking until she gets it.

She also has to spend more time with me maybe go out on the town once in awhile. Would a woman be perfect if she decided not to go? No, she most certainly would not.

I expect my fantasy lady to share details of her life and the fantasies she may hold and how she got here in the first place, this no doubt would bring us closer with inevitable collisions. To be honest, My heart’s desire is to have her heart and soul.

I hope my perfect and future lady will love me even if I do not cook despite my non existence of dress attire. Accept me as is and believe me when I say a man of substance and conviction.

I've learnt one thing in life about treating woman as princesses and that is men cannot live with out them, they are the foundation of this planet and the bearer of life.

I would do anything to have a goddess imprint her self into my future and the future of us full stop.
kipross44 kipross44
46-50, M
Jan 7, 2013