The Feeling Of Being Loved

I am in need of feeling love again. I do not mean the feeling I get from my brothers, parents, and my kids, I mean I need to feel the love of a special person. Someone who I can open up my hart to and will open theirs to me. Someone to tell my inner most feelings to, and have that reciprocated back to me. I need  person to hold. Both in good times and in the bad. I want to feel the love when I am hurting, and they can feel the same from me when they are not at their best. I need to feel the love of someone in my hart. I now believe that even after 22 years of marriage, I need to feel love for the first time.
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Hi, I haven't been on here for ages, and I was sorry to see that all did not go to plan. Have you found a special someone, yet, who can/does love you back? I hope so. Good luck.

UP DATE: since I wrote this, I have found someone I can love. Yet, do to many events in her life, like the way here daughter, controls her, in an adult abusive manner, and makes my gal, take care of her grandchildren, and pay just over 90% of her S.S.I. money to pay for , 25% of the rent, the cable which, covers, the phone, T.V. and internet, I can not see us having a long turn relationship. My love's off spring has brought a friend into the house, with her kid, and a verbally abusive, and controlling boyfriend, which both of them do not pay anything into this dysfunctional family unit. The one who holds my heart, dose all the house hold jobs, takes the kids to school, and has to pick them up after wards. She dose the cooking, cleaning, and is the major care giver to her 5 grand kids.

yep...I is hard, especially as we get older, we find more friends are fake and superficial....the joy of finding love when you are is a feeling that is constantly longed for by me too

I am already divorced silvesterfirest.

Hold that thought! If you have a goal, you have a chance of reaching it. It is hard to envisage, when you are in the dark depths of a loveless marriage, but that goal is like a light at the end of the tunnel. It is what is motivating me now. May we all reach the light some day!