Its Important!

Especially when times are bad or things arn't going well.

But then it doesn't change.

Those words are never heard.

Hearing something nice and apprciative would be so wonderful and welcome.

Instead of silence and feeling that you are being taken for granted.

Josie06 Josie06
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Lonliness could be such a destructive thing. It destroys personal relationships but most of all ourselves. I do not know when or how I became so lonely according to others I am fun to be around. According to myself not so much. Maybe it's because I felt I didn't derserve the companionship, friendship or love. So I asked myself, is loneliness the diesease or the symptom . Why do we lonely individuals think it is OK and acceptable to be lonely. Why do we not think ourselves deserving of attention and emotional fullfillment. Maybe we those of us that stay lonely for a long time are to afraid to find out why we let it happen.

Lonliness also can be imagined. You may have been surrounded by people who loved you. Self pity could cause this. Not liking ones self. seeking more and more is never enough.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRUE...I've had a horrific life most of it...that was over the last 30yrs of it...HALF MY LIFETIME...Just a NIGHTMARE. I am sick to my stomach with loneliness now but it's too late....I'm too old, unwanted by very many or the 'WRONG KIND' ahem...AND......................................................NOW I DISCOVER that I have full blown RA and perhaps more, plus a spinal stenosis and OA...then several smaller ailments. But the RA which has descended on me like a CEMENT CLOUD began in last about 8 or 9 months--it ramped up and enough to where my doc was finally able to tell me what it is..Well this is NO Bleeping JOKE and it breaks, no tears my heart out. I tried so hard to find a sane, fun, saucy Gent to have SOCIAL fun with etc etc....and ran into pla<x>yer after pla<x>yer after gamer.......NOW THE RA descends...............I am not doing well....I hurt from the SOUL OUTWRDS more than I can possibly say. I also came from a family where my MOTHER WAS tormented by something so SHE DIDN'T BOND WITH we kids EITHER....just a COLD RIGID...FRIGID weirdo who then sends us/sister and I away...across country to live in a low rent district with our OLLLDDDD DAD...for 6yrs...didn't bother to help or communicate much...She wasn't concerned about us all that much but did LOVE to get into heated areguments with my dad even tho she'd chased us off clear across country.. I was 12yrs old..I had NO female guidance from that day to this....and have had a hard time, too shy, not good enough (mother tapes) to form solid I've not had any---none that were HEALTHY/GOOD./POSITIVE/LOVING ENRICHING i mean.....<br />
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GREAT TOPIC keep passing the word around about HOW IMPORTANT IT IS THAT HUMAN BEINGS NOT FORGET THE HEALING PROPERTIES OF SIMPLE HUMAN TOUCH and that we can CHOOSE to love AND BE LOVED AS WELL................Let it happen, don'tpush people away.<br />
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Good day, ty Lr

love you and cherish what you stand for and who you are as a person than the void might just not feel so bad.

Very well expressed, sweetie! I feel the samd way!