Ugly Breakdown

just got out of a 3 month relationship. to be honest he was a better friend than boyfriend, but he cheated on me. now we are broke up and he is already in another relationship while im still trying to get over him. this isnt fair- not even close. 
ayannamay ayannamay
26-30, F
3 Responses Jul 25, 2011

Maybe he cheated because he was a better friend than boyfriend..

you'll find someone else in no time!! you being as sexy as you are should have no trouble finding someone new!! in fact i think you should just enjoy life to the fulliest and just have fun!!

awww I'm so sorry love!! he's stupid for doing that to such a beautiful and stunning woman such as yourself......... and yeah sometimes a guy can throw out emotions like trash, but i know your pain same thing just happened to me, but her and i barley dated a month and she broke up with me over FaceBook and said that she had feelings for another guy........