How Much Does It Cost?

What do you do when your spouse takes you for granted?It's not that I want reconigtion for every little thing that I do.Could it be that my wife and I have been married too long ? I took early retirement and now I'm home every day. My wife still works. I keep the house clean and cook supper everyday. I don't believe in pity parties, but just a simple thank you or I appreciate what you do, would be nice. How much does it cost ? I think the fire has finally gone out. Yes, there are two sides to every story. I can truely say I did my part in giving her credit for the things she did. It doesn't cost anything to give Love and show your appreciation. I'm going to do it more today than I did yesterday, and even more tomorrow. Peace and Love, Waymor

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2 Responses Dec 23, 2011

your relationship sounds just like mine however I go to work and so does he.your right It does not cost anything. Try not to be home everytime she comes home. I even went and stayed in a hotel over night that seemed to help. Text her the way your feeling thats is what I started doing so you can not get cut off while your talking. express everything thats your feeling regarding your relationship.

I wonder if she'd be okay with you making female friends. If so, I would do that.<br />
It seems that if a partner isn't giving it (love, affection, sex) up frequently, then it is not within their rights to tell you you can't be friends with other women. Sure fidelity is important but you should at least be able to hang out with other chicks and have fun. <br />
This might bring her back to you. A little jealousy goes a loooooooooooong way.