I Need To Feel

i need to feel loved and appreciated i have never felt both i have a poor love history everyone hates me for the way i am but what can i do i cannot change myself i have never loved anyone so i think nobody loves me and i want to be appreciated i dont know why but i feel good when anyone appreciates me and from past few years no one has appreciated me when i use to study well everyone use to appreciate me but once i failed no one even looked at me from that year i feel that i have done something wrong thats the reason no one appreciated me even when i got a new job i told everyone about my new job and expected them to appreciate me but no one did i felt really bad about that i want any one person to love me and appreciate me i am waiting for that i dont know when i will be loved and appreciated
Roadguy Roadguy 26-30, M 1 Response Aug 6, 2012

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Roadguy: Don't try too hard and just be yourself. Someone will see you for who you really are and love and appreciate you. Give yourself some time and love will find you.