although Naturally I Am Str...

although naturally i am striving for a place where i give myself all i need in that area and don't look to others for recognition.  the hardest for me is with my parents, who i regularly try to please before i've even realised where it's coming from.  but i'm getting better and either standing by my guns or letting go wherever appropriate.

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2 Responses Jul 3, 2008

Be yourself, no matter what. Life is too short. Enjoy the place that you are in for now. If you don't fit a certain criteria for whom you are, you will always try to fit in and you might not. Be patient and loving to and with yourself. Believe me life is not what we were told. We have to actively participate in it instead of pointing our fingers at someone else. You are blessed just being here and being the person that you are. <br />
Guidance and peace, always.

Unfortunately sometimes success brings oversight. When things are not bad we sometimes miss the attention when things are going well, everything is a trade off. Sounds like you made a good trade.