Even Just A Message Will Make Me Feel That You Still Care About Me :( Let Me Feel It

*the sequel of my story: She's the Reason Why I Always Get Sad

:( I'm so sad that this keeps on happening..... no messages from her even I have sent her a lot of messages. She said that she's busy with work :( Geeze can't she just even message me back even for ONCE?

She's just making me feel completely unimportant to her :( I know she's technically not mine because of the break up that we had two months ago but I can’t avoid to feel that we're still together because we still exchange ILOVEYOU to each other. And recently, she told me that if I'm having hard time with our new set-up it would be better for me to find someone who can take care of me :'( . Yes, she could tell that **** despite of letting her know that I'm still willing to wait for her no matter what happens.

Do you think it's time for me to give up on her now? Or am I just being selfish, not considering her situation.

BIG SIGH! I'm running out of rational ideas to make myself hold on and believe that will still be together in the right time.

*for those interested you may read the sequel of this story: SIGH*
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Hey RiffRaff, it sounds like things have finally ened in this relationship. You will only hurt yourself more if you continue pursuing her. It's time you let go, ok?

Yeah I guess I have to move on and let her go. She'll be my last :) I'm tired of the pains :)

Awww, don't be like that. Give yourself some time to heal first, you never know what might happen.

I don't think so. The fortune teller is right, being with someone will always make me cry at the end. It's better to have no love life than to suffer from stupid pains it may cause

Do you honestly believe that you won't suffer if you deny your emotions??? If you plan on enduring that kind of pain, your better off having a love life. Neither path is easier than the other.

I would suffer maybe, but at least the pain would never be that great.

That's not how the people here on EP see it. The majority of those who are lonely are still looking for their partner as well. You shouldn't give up just because of one bad situation.

this is my 4th heartbeak Rookie... :) thanks but no thanks...

If you say so, RiffRaff. Hope the pain doesn't last long this time around.

I'm grateful for having you around Rookie :) hugs

You're welcome, I just wish I could do more.

reading and commenting on my silly stories is too much :)

Hahaha, better get used to it.

I will :)

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