*the sequel of my story: Ignored By The One Whom I Am Crazy For
I've been reading all the groups that I have over and over because I really don't know where to post this kind of story.
It's more on a struggle but with a feminine lesbian. Should I put it on Struggles, Broken Hearts perhaps to seek advises from the person who experiencing pain as well or should I post it on LGBT to get such advises from the same gender.
So this story is about her AGAIN. The one that I love but I don't know what she really feels for me. After three days of no receiving any message from her finally she texted me this morning. She said that the charger of her cellphone is malfunctioning that's why she wasn't able to message me. As if that's the only resource that she can use to contact me. What's the use of facebook, email? "If there's a will there's a way!" Common, does she really think that I would buy her shallow excuses? And then I replied her "why not buying new one" then she goes like "I can't go out to buy one" then I said "couldn't you ask someone to buy it for you" then she replied like one of her granny's relatives died. *SIGH* Does a wake really stop you to go online to leave a message that you'll be busy for a couple of days? Going online to compose email won't take her whole day and as far as I know she's always online even weekends because she needs to send such reports for her company.
She's actually taking me for granted, isn't she? I'm worrying if I don't receive messages from her she knows it but seems like she doesn't care what would I feel.
You may read my story entitled "I wonder if she's still wearing my ring" to know more about us like how did our love story started and so on.
I'm starting to get sick and tired of this, really.
*for those interested you may read the sequel of this story: I Miss You That's Why I Hate You*
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Oct 21, 2012