You Don't Know The Worst Thing Yet

Do you know what's the worst thing in life? Well, I just realized that the worst thing is having a special someone who doesn't even care how you feel and yet he tells you that you are selfish!

I don't know if I must even call him a better half or at the least, partner. I can't feel his love and he doesn't appreciate the things I do for him.

I must admit that I'm a nagger, I'm insecure, narrow-minded sometimes, I curse. But that's because I'm afraid of losing him and I wanna feel loved and appreciated. He's my everything and he's my life now. I don't know what I'm gonna do if he leaves me hanging.
astrangeryouwereonce astrangeryouwereonce
26-30, F
3 Responses Oct 26, 2012

I am married to a man like this and I lonely. I lost myself because I wanted to please him. Now he knows I love him too much to divorce him plus we have a child. My advice its not going to change. If he doesn't see what needs to change it will get worst. Don't marry him just because you feel you cant be without him. It will destroy you inside.

I understand, I am married to a person just like that...seems that I he does not appreciate the things I do for him. I work 12 hour shifts coupled with putting in exta time so that our bills could be paid. Plus come home and try to prepare meals....responsible for the upkeep of the home amongst other things. In this case, I cannot help but become a nagger. I love my husband with all my soul...but at some point a line has to be drawn because this is doing nothing for me except for bringing about insecurity. I am forced at this point to be more intuned with self..that does not mean that I won't continue my tasks as far as the just means that I will focus on me more....he does not seem to love me so why not love myself more.....

Never give your entire heart to someone else, offer to exchange and share halves.