what do u feel when the one u love truly doesnt give u response and doesnt care for u?
what will u feel when u have everything but a small piece is not accomplished of ur heart ?
everything around me is very good and awesum but there is still something which is making me depressed ......................
lovelygunj lovelygunj
18-21, M
2 Responses Dec 17, 2012

I am also feeling the same way ! Confused

I am going through this kinda situation also.
Sometimes we say why does this happen only to me.. what have I done to endure this.. and we say that's life unfair to us!
But.. when our love is not reciprocal, there's nothing else we can do...unfortunately! :( Just have to give time some time and hope for a better future.

ok same as u me

can we b friends if u dont mind

sure =)