Having a crappy birthday again nobody offers to spend time with me ....feeling kinda unlovable today I guess I put to much emphasis on the day probably use it like a barometer or think it's a magnified indicator of how my life relationships are at. It's not just this year it's every year .
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My daughter who is grown, and me to all have mental problems. with us,not you she gets so excited at her birthday. now were not talking a little girl. she is all grown up and living away from home. I quess holidays brighten lives. for me I get down, trying to afford gifts or just saying happy birthday. cheer up you'll have many birthdays coming, blessed you are. joanne

Happy birthday ,you are not alone x

Happy birthday beautiful!!! This day is so important because this is the day god blessed the world with you:)

If your single maybe go to an event n be wiith people hang out hv some fun

Sorry to hear that you are alone on your birthday. Let me be the fourth or fifth person here to wish you Happy Birthday.

Not alone just ignored in a house with hubby and two kids 6 and under car died last week do I can't even go make my own fun window shopping, tried to go for a walk but the weather is crummy so I cut it short. Had brunch with the hubby and kids lefty phone at home because believe if or not it's not that important to me kids bounced about the booth fighting and ignoring my requests to behave hubby tuned out playing solitaire on his phone came home and he is either gaming or napping and kids are just being unruly and undisciplined I get overridden or questioned on my attempts to modify behaviour and have grown tired of shouting in frustration. This goes deeper than just a birthday nobody wants to hear about it and I have no close friends outside of Facebook where it's not fit to vent...

Then vent here. It is the perfect place. I would be more than happy to listen.

Gotcha. I have three kids and we can never go out and have all of them behave. I understand what happens with the hubby and the phone. My wife is obsessed with her tablet games to the point of snapping at the kids when they want attention from them.

Hee hee hee if you were out here I'd offer to go to Demetre's for some birthday cake!

Happy Birthday!!

You are in control of your happiness, don't allow others to dictate how and when you will be happy, make a list of things you enjoy doing and take hold of them, if you aren't able to spend the time with those that you want, make time to allow others who may be available to fill in the gap, try not to have tunnel vision and allow yourself to experience happiness from multiple angles, by increasing your options you will allow yourself to have multiple outlets to enjoy yourself if one option doesn't present itself, you will haveva great birthday, think happy and allow yourself to manifest the positive thought process into positive action :) Happy Birthday