I am a married man at his wits end. I work full time but on an off shift which gives me time at home while kids are at school and wife is at work. I used to try hard to keep the house clean, do the laundry run errands and all that good stuff, but not anymore. I get so tired of leaving a clean house when I goto work only to come home to a disaster. I can understand kids make messes, and I ask them to pick stuff up and they do, but try to ask my wife to do the same and all I get are a million excuses, or a "why can't you do it". Why? Because sex 4 times a year isn't enough. Why? Because you spend more time texting/surfing on your phone in bed one evening than I do anywhere in a month. Why? Because you make me feel worthless, and I just don't give a **** anymore.
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It's rough mate. You're not alone. I'm goin through something similar.

But she as to understand you too, you come from work if she is at home she as to do the same thing kids are doing as the mother of your children a house wife for that matter, she should not give such excuse for not doing the house work just because you don't give her enough sex, but you when you txt msg on the time when she need you that bad my brother, that her time for enjoyment too, try to think about it and balance everything as a couple do that and you will see a change and you will enjoy your marriage stay bless and have lovely weekend.

I'm sorry that you're going through this. It sucks, I know. And it also gives me a little insight into making sure we all do our part at home. I know some times I slack off just as my husband does. Sometimes I forget that. Hope things get better for you :/

That is the worst feeling. When you go out of your way for your loved ones and they don't appreciate it. I hope everything gets better for you:)

I'm going through the same, but I'm not married. Right now I'm working toward the last step. Leaving. A good person doesn't deserve to be treated that way.

I feel so sorry for you. I know I'm just a teen but here me out, I want to help you. You should talk to your wife in a controlled area without your kids in the room. My mom is like that and you can't just talk to her about those kind of things and expect her to do it. Take her to a cafe because hopefully she knows how to conduct herself and public and won't yell or argue to much because that would draw attention to the both of you. If you do it by the kids she'll complain about not wanting to yell or talk about those things with them around. If or when you talk try to work out a deal and a schedule on who can do the work when. If that doesn't happen get proffesional help. If that doesnt't work get a divorce or seperate because there is no use living with someone you have problems with and don't love anymore. A relationship should be an equal balance of work between to people that love one another and want to help eachother. If she isn't willing to share the load and make ends meet then you aren't right for each other. If she isn't the one and you do seperate it'll all be fine in the end. You won't have to deal with her crap and you can make your own way without her and power through on your own.

Wow you are one amazing teenager! With your insight you will have an fantastic life❤️

Thank you so much! That means a lot :D

I do the same thing. Hey mom lemme take you out to lunch we gotta talk.

Yea my mom doesn't like to make a scene in public

I appreciate the thought you put into your response! Sadly those options of conversations don't work with her, if I press the issue she shuts down, won't answer or get upset and start crying, then I'm the one apologizing and nothing is solved.

Ironically it's that way with my sister and I've just learned to walk away and do what needs to be done and when she wants other things tell her to **** off. I don't think that method would work with your wife tho. Good luck. I'm sorry I couldn't help

My sister is the same. She also fake cries so much that I don't care anymore. She'll stub her toe and then it's Niagara falls. Its fake though so she can get attention.

I think you should take it to Klan marriage counselor. First start with alternation sessions. Like you on Monday and her on Tuesday so you can say what you want without worrying about hurting one another. Then if it gets better starting doing sessions together when you or your therapist thinks its time.

Sorry something auto corrected to Klan whoops

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