I feel like my love for him is stronger then his is for me. He doesn't call me anymore unless I ask him to, he doesn't say anything sweet to me anymore unless he's "in the mood." which he never is, he doesn't get me things anymore, he doesn't plan any dates. I have to plan everything, I go out and get him things all the time, I try to be sweet to him but he never says anything back. Everything is always my fault, never his. I fight for us everyday, is it too much to ask that he does the same? I help him pay his bills, do everything he asks of me, get him presents, etc. He purposed to me, but I feel like it doesn't mean anything anymore, he doesn't even know why he wants to marry me. I'm so confused, I don't know what to do anymore. I want the guy I fell in love with to come back. He acts like he doesn't even care. I'm slowly giving up.
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I know that feeling I'm going through that with my boyfriend. I don't know what to do either. I'm realizing that I'm about done but i can't get myself to make that jump and breaking it off.

Same. I love my boyfriend very much, I don't want to lose him or our relationship because he means so much to me and everything we've been through, but he's slowly losing me..

I'm honestly just waiting for the courage to do it. It doesn't help that hes broken it off before and just comes right back and it's about impossible for me to say no to him. Sounds pathetic but I'm crazy about him but hes not crazy about me

Yeah you don't need him

I know why your feeling the way you do. You need to focus on you and your life and put yourself first, when you keep taking care of you he will appreciate you more. You should still do nice things for him, but stop doing so many. Pull back a little, see if he comes to you.