Just broke up with my abusive ex. I've gotten spit on, food thrown at me, elbowed in the throat, thrown into a counter by my throat , lied to about him selling drugs behind my back, and called every name in the book. He also likes every girls picture on social media except mine and yelled at me when I would post a hot picture of myself. I am an attractive young smart girl , I don't get why I'm so under appreciated .
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Get away and stay away. Your much to young to waste any more damn time on him girl. Be strong. They can be very persuasive when they want us back! Nobody deserves to be treated that way. You're a queen! Kick that jerk off to the curb!

I'm happy that you managed to get yourself out of that situation. Please for your own well being don't take him back and don't go for anyone else like him.

You aren't to blame. You can't change someone who doesn't want to change as well.

Just hurts me that I wasn't enough for him to want to change. . I have been self- reflecting and evolving for years now trying to better myself as a person and I don't understand how he can care less about bettering himself especially for someone he "loves. "

It's the mistake a lot of people make. Look for someone who has the qualities you're looking for. A lot of people have that problem. I'm no different. Remember the problem is not you, it's him.

Please be glad that you've made this revelation while you are still young. You can have a long life with someone who will treat you well.

Being under appreciated is the least of your problems.....you need to be better to yourself! You deserve that we all do. Now that you broke it off, don't let him sweet talk you back!!!

Certain Things n Situations we feel we shud adapt to BECUZ tha luv we have 4Som1.. Bt it's Nt Enuff we dnt have to stand for it. Yu deserve better n better always comes wt Yur self happiness Nt Abuse!...

You can talk to me anytime, im here for you 😎

Find yourself first. Learn to appreciate yourself first then someone would come to appreciate who you are. Trust me i know how you feel.

And that's what's so sad . I worked on myself and living myself through meditation when we were broken up for three months. . I loved myself . And then I gave him another chance and he ******** me of myself once again

Dont worry dear youve done it once youll figure it out again. Trust me ive been with a guy for 10 long years we broke up 4days ago. Now im trying hard to move on and live myself. :)

It's so hard cus you blame yourself and them but you have to feel bad for them because they have so many problems . Thanks so much if u need me I'm here i will add you to my circle . Let's promise each other we'll stay strong

I'm here for you if you need to talk(: