I want love!!! Someone... I don't wanna look desperate. I just feel like no one loves me and I'll take what I can get as desperate as that sounds
sadiegirl347 sadiegirl347
22-25, F
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Hi, what response on here would help you feel better? Maybe i can help.


Do what 'you' control. Stop thinking of what others do or don't do. First things first. Start by loving yourself for what you are and spread the positivity amongst others. Start by liking others. Love would follow.

That does sound a bit desperate


Im aware

Dont worry no body in my house loves or respects me either so ik how u feel


We can talk

Message or Gmail me at tonyjr.delucia@gmail.com

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I hope you find the right person.

I need love

Why dont you feel loved

Nobody really shows me any

Well you should