It's gunno be my first day of grade 9 in about two week,..and I'm self concious about my birthmark on my left arm, it's kinda huge and it's black. The past four years, Ive been hiding it from my classmates and people cuz when I was a little, kids would always make fun of me/ it and whenever I go public and some People would stare at it which makes me uncomtrable. So I decided to cover it up w/ bandaid, and ive been doin dat for about 4 years, and it actually worked. Now, I decided i wont cover it up or whatever cuz i thought theres no way im gunno forever hide it. So then, i decided to finally tell my friends about it and they gave me some advises and stuff...... school's comming up and im scared what people's gunno think especially those 'popular' girls, ik i shouldnt care what they think but its hard not to....

Can U guys pls help me??? Like also try putting urself into my shoes
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Lol typical female. I kid you not when I say this but I was crushing so hard on a girl in the 9th grade that had a birthmark on her upper arm the size of two quartes lol yes I measured. Anyways I though she was so gorgeous and so I asked her out. Skip some of the story I finally made her my girlfriend and I was self conscious about the guys friends giving me crap about how I had to kiss her there if we did anything. Well we dated for a couple days on the down low until I realized I shouldn't hide it. Well at school on first lunch we all got together and hanged out. She comes up with her friends and hugs me at this point it looks like friends hugging, so I grab her tighter and don't let go I decide to kiss her to let everyone know I got something going on with her. Everybody is surprised and I'm just like damn what are they gonna say afterwards. So she leaves and me and the guys are walking to class and I had a speech prepared saying so what she is pretty and I don't care and things like that. Turns out when she was no longer around they started telling damn she's fine how you pull that off and why the hell she with you. I never got crap about the birthmark thing and realized it was all in my head. She was gorgeous and they probably wanted her too birthmark or no birthmark

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I have a birthmark on my left arm that goes from elbow nearly to wrist. Just own it. Highschool is not Elementary. Anyone bored enough to pay attention to your birthmark is lame anyway, but the majority won't even pay that much attention to you at all.

Honey I was in your shoes! When I was a baby I was burned by coffee, a perculator poored down on me I was 9 months burned all the skin off my right arm because I pulled the cord when I crawled over to it. It scarred me for life, and I used to be very self conscience about it, and used to cover it up by wearing long sleeved however I dont try to hide it anymore. When people see it and ask me I just tell them what happened to me, I used to get picked on for it when I was in a grade school but thats because some kids can just be cruel. Just be yourself my dear, dont be afraid what other people think if you worry over it, it will only drive to be self-conscience about it....dont be ashamed of it, it is part of who you are, and if others cannot see past that, then its their loss!

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You only get one shot to go through life. And you can go through it being the person people want you to be or the person you want to be.

A couple years ago when I was first starting ninth grade my shoulder was burned in a freak accident, for some reason my skin became paper thin and stretched out in the area so I was very self conscious and tried to always cover it with my clothing and band aids, but really scars and birthmarks are nothing to be ashamed of, everyone's body is different and I can assure you that those "popular" girls have things that they feel very self conscious about. I'm now in my senior year of high school and it's become no big deal, I've stopped trying to hide it. Any time someone asked about it I would just tell them my crazy story and laugh about it in the most confident way I could. When people get over their curiosity, they tend to just accept things and move on. And really, don't worry about high school, everything will be fine! It's completely different from Middle School in the best way possible, people grow up a bit. You'll be fine! ^_^

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Eight months ago, I started high school as a 8th grader. I was worried I'd have no gf, no friends and I'd get badly bullied. But I have plenty of friends, people like me (except 4 people) and life is good. I also have a horrible birthmark on my forehead and on my left shoulder and not mention my depression. Be a nice girl (I bet you are anyway). If people look at you, smile or wave. Chat up some people you never talked too before, help people in need and talk in a sweet, soothing voice. Try be funny as well, guys like funny girls too as well. People won't judge you for your mark because you gained respect. It's on the inside that counts, not on the outside. Im very sure your a beautiful, smart and funny girl, why are you worrying about a mark when you got beauty? And the popular girls, oh them... ******* they are. Don't hang around people who judge/bully you. Hang with people you like you the way you are. Remember that the 'popular' girls aren't popular at all they like to think it but they aren't because they hang out in this big pack of morons. WHO CARES WHAT THOSE ******* THINK?! They are ***** who are having a bad future, trust me, remember this, your better than those ******. And more pretty and smart too! No matter where you go you'll always have friends, and bullies. Stay by your closet friends and always ask for advice from your Chaplin or parents or friends or bf. I hope this helped! Good luck.

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