My family means a lot to me and would do anything for them. The problem is that that they do not reciprocate this especially my parents and it really really hurts. My sister was always preferred, she gets praised for her achievements and parents get so proud that the whole village would know about it. On the other hand they do not even ask about my results!! I will never finish if I start writing about this. The preferences are so obvious that sometimes i think they do it on purpose. Have you ever felt this way? Im recently having strong will to leave the house and rent a place on my own, should I? ( sry if my english sucks, its not my native language).
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my family is the same, I just lost my mothet Christmas morning I knew she was an angel that walked among us, only to find hateful words about her from family

Your English is very good. I don't know about your parents, only they can answer as to why they ignore your achievements. Have you talked to them this? As a parent myself, I have unintentionally focused more on one child's achievements than the others. Moving away is not always the answer. But, if you can feel you should move out and can afford it, that might be best for you.

Unfortunately I am not good at facing my parents because I get emotionally very easily. Although I do sometimes point out something. My mother denies it immediately and find an excuse. This is not just for achievements but also financially. I am a student and struggle to buy my own things while my sister works, one word and get anything she wants. Ive already found a place that I could live in but the thing is I would have to pause my studies and get a full time job to cope with expenses. Thanks for your reply, its comforting to know a stranger cares.

Your very welcome. It is very hard to face your parents. But someday you will, and then they will not view you as their little girl, but as an independent woman. I believe education is important and should be nurtured. I would first explain myself to my parents before I put education off. Ask them to be more caring about your needs as a daughter. I am sure they will understand.

Yes I hope it happens. I will try to express myself. Thanks again.