I was recently broken up with and my ex was really horrible to me. He put me down a lot and made me feel like an awful girlfriend when all I ever did was love him and cater to his needs. I miss him so much but he really doesn't like me and as much as I understand feelings change; he has so much negativity towards me and I don't understand what I've done wrong when all I've done is build him up and praise him and tell him how great he is etc. I really don't understand and I'm finding it so hard to move on :( I want to feel like I'm worth something.
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that's not right all women deserve to be treated with respect

"SNAPS" My ex is the same, they are lames, they dont know what they have until its gone.

It's okay we are in this together :) xx

You didn't do anything wrong. Its difficult to immediately move on, especially if you still need closure.

Yeah you're right - I think that's the problem, I don't really understand why we broke up so I can't move on :( xx

Time will heal. You will meet someone better who will make you forget him.

Ur great! U deserve better than this! U feel like ur worth nothing but to us, u worth something! Remember ur not alone, u have us! Message me if u need help. :)

Thank you so much! You're the kindest, feel free to message me too if you need anything :) xx

Welcome 😊 thx and thank u for that offer too :) I'll sure will :))

You did nothing wrong whatsoever. I've gone through a similar situation where all I did was support him, and he thanked me for it but still chose to pursue another relationship. If he thinks he can't be happy with you, that's about his own work that he needs to do on himself and his own life, not about you at all. It's hard to move on, but once you learn that you are enough and you can be happy on your own, that's when the magic happens. :)

This is really lovely and made me feel better thank you so much xxx

You are worth something. But enough me saying it won't make you believe it. Learn to love yourself. Do things you like, cater to your inmost needs. Was it Oscar Wilde who said loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance

Thank you <3 xx