My mom has always been kind of depressed. Not exactly depressed but something like that. She´s very often mad and angry. She got worse when she and my dad got divorced like six years ago, so i think she is kind of still getting over it. But she has a boyfriend and he and his son are moving in with us. But that is not the problem. After dinner she was pretty mad, and i didnt know why like me and my sisters are use to. So i just left the house to meet my friends and when i came home she went for a walk with my dog so i decided to watch a TV show and when she got home she sat in the sofa and said to me ´´i can't watch this show right now,, so i just walk downstairs in my room. after a while she wasn't even watching the TV. Later that night my sister called her for a favor, my mom needed to use my room of all rooms in the house and got very pissed at my sister for asking for a favor. i got a little mad at her and then she told me she was happy that i left earlier that night and she didn't like it when i was rude to her. She said some other things, i just couldn´t her them because i was in shock. She left my room and i started to cry. when she was going to bed she just turned off the lights and didn´t even say goodnight. Next day i had been alone with my sister and my dog at home. She didn´t say anything but ´´hey how are you,, to my dog… She didn´t even say hi to me or my sister. So after a while she said to me ´´Hey I'm going back to work, be nice to our dog,,. That´s all she had to say to me. So i´m stared to think thats she loves our dog more then me, or i don´t she she loves me at all. But yeah there are times when she is not like that, good times and bad times. I know it´s not very important when some of you have a lot worse things going on but i you read this thank you so much.
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I'm sorry

Sometimes some people just needs a hug.

I'm sure your mum does love you but maybe has a lot going on her life right now. Could you try telling her calmly how hurt and rejected you feel, maybe start off by apologising for being rude or mad (I know she was horrid to you too but this way she may listen). Or if that doesn't work, try writing her a letter?
I hope things resolve - sending you a hug AngelSuze